Working closely with Cervélo and their wind tunnel testing results, XLAB developed an aerodynamic single rear system specific to Ritchey clamp seat posts with a 10 mm horizontal rear hole. If the saddle is in the rearward position, you may want to look at the DELTA SONIC XL

Aerodynamic Design The DELTA SONIC allows the bottle to be close to the saddle, hiding in the rider’s draft and provides clean air flow.

Reliable & Customizable The DELTA SONIC fits snug into the seat post providing a sturdy non-sway bottle mount, for fast and safe access to your bottle. The DELTA SONIC rod can slide along the seat post for the best customized fit for you. XLAB recommends a 1″ insertion minimum into the seatpost.

Compatibility XLAB has found these bikes to be compatible with the DELTA SONIC. Cervelo P5 & 2013 P3, Scott Plasma, Kestrel 4000, Fuji D6 & Norcom, BH Aero

Optional Accessories for Cervélo P5, 2013 Cervélo P3 and BH Aero Pair the DELTA SONIC with the aerodynamic STEALTH POCKET 200 or STEALTH POCKET 300. Bags mount to the top tube on the 2 bolt bosses. Capacity of 20.4, these bags can hold the longest energy bars plus some gels and salt tablets.
Includes DELTA SONIC Rod GORILLA CAGE All hardware and installation instructions Material Rod: Stainless Steel. Cage: Carbon Fiber. Warranty Rod: 3 Year Warranty. Cage: Lifetime Warranty.


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Fits seat posts with 10 mm horizontal hole

The only single bottle carrier compatible with 10mm horizontal hole seatposts!
Strong and sturdy mount eliminates rear carrier sway
GORILLA CAGE has a tight 7lb grip on bottles eliminating unexpected launches.
Very adjustable with up to 1.25″ of adjustment to ensure carrier sits close to the saddle.
Carry your repair with the optional MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER

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