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The SILCA EOLO Wallet re-imagines what  #EveryRideCarry can be!


The design for this Ultra Premium Waxed Canvas bag began not with the items it would hold, but rather with the pocket it would go in.  The EOLO Wallet is sized to the height and width of a standard jersey pocket. This starting point allowed our designers to maximize the available space.  This strategy results in a bag sized just perfectly to fill the pocket completely without stretching the jersey fabric or affecting fit, while allowing you to carry so much more than you thought possible.

Each bag is hand sewn from SILCA’s proprietary Waxed Duck Canvas with reflective quilting, premium weather-resistant YKK zippers, and includes a unique, high strength 3M® reflective tab which wraps over the top of your jersey pocket and attaches to the bag magnetically, adding over 1500 square millimeters of reflective surface to any jersey you own!


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