Aerodynamic Design Optimal height and width reduces drag caused by stem and headset spacers with no increase in frontal area 5:1 ratio aerodynamic airfoil design Non-porous, extra smooth exterior reduces drag

Focus on the Road: Smarter Features for Carefree Storage Two large, easy-to-grab Super-Slide zippers open and close from either direction Contents are highly visible against the silver colored interior

Installs Quickly and Stays in Place Durable, non-seizing steel screws for easy installation Non-slip, rubberized hull stabilizes storage Structured inserts retain aero shape

Material Non-porous, durable Vinyl exterior. Reflective, insulated interior lining. Anti-slip rubber base.

Volume 23.2 in3 (380 cm3)

Warranty Because of our engineering and testing for this product, we give it a 1 Year LIMITED Warranty to the original owner.


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Sleek, element-deflecting material withstands wear, perspiration and electrolyte drinks

Top tube storage mounts to top tube bosses. Optimized for superbikes with cables in top tube
Sleek, element-deflecting material stands tough against perspiration and electrolyte drinks
Stay stocked for the ride: Storage comfortably fits up to 6 gels
Highly visible, silver colored interior makes it easy to see contents and stay focused on the road

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