SecureClip™ Brackets Simply snaps on to aerobar extensions. Eliminates need for extra zip-ties, rubber bands or electrical tape to hold system secure. Fits 22.2mm diameter aerobar extensions.

High Adjustability, Maintains Stability Securely adjusts to widest range of cockpit configurations 70mm-150mm (center-to-center) without compromising aerodynamic profile Accommodates up to 20° of extension rotation

No-Bounce Stability 16-layer unidirectional carbon mount for a no-rattle, no-bounce system

Compact Mounting Design Minimal, compact mount requires 80mm less cockpit space than previous Torpedo models New 2-Strap system allows for more mounting positions than previous 4-Strap models

Adaptable for Wide Variety of Bike Computers Compatible with Garmin-specific VERSA COMPUTER MOUNT or AERO COMPUTER MOUNT for non-Garmin computers

Bracket Width: 70mm-150mm

Construction: Versa Mounting Plate: 16-layer unidirectional carbon fiber Brackets: Nylon composite with Velcro straps coated with no-slip extension grip

Includes: VERSA CARBON MOUNT 2 Versa Mounting Clamps with silicone enforced straps Hardware

Warranty: Limited Lifetime


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No-bounce, 2-Strap aerobar hydration mount snaps onto extensions with SecureClip™ Brackets.

No ugly cable-ties, rubberbands or electrical tape needed to secure system: 2-Bracket design simply snap onto and cleanly Velcros down to aerobars.
Widest range fits aerobars 70mm-150mm (center-to-center) apart
Includes everything you need to easily upgrade current Bottle and Cage from 4-strap Torpedo Mini Mount

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