Easy to Drink & Refill 2 possible straw locations to customize your setup Split Refill Lid allows for easy refilling while on-the-go. Wide diameter allows for on-course Aid Station Bottles for easy mid-race refills

Easy Clean One-piece body ensures no leaking! Bottle made in the USA and is lead free, BPA-Free and HDPE food safe certified TRUE 26 oz bottle capacity (768 mL)

Quick Install Adjustment width fits bars 80mm – 130mm (center-to-center) No tools required for fast installation and removal

Easier to Handle in Winds Bottle designed to mount further back allowing easier steering for the rider

No Need to Sacrifice Aerodynamics Even at the Entry-Level Aerodynamically Invisible bottle design used by all XLAB Torpedo Systems Contoured design to fit your arm shape. Small frontal area that allows a clean airflow around the bottle Kamm tail. Reduces drag by 50% Airflow straighteners designed into the bottle to gather airflow for a clean, straight exit air flow.

Capacity: 26oz (768 mL)

Colors: Clear bottle with red/black graphics

Bracket Width: 80mm-130mm

Construction: Mounting Plate: Aluminum Cage: Nylon Composite

Includes: Bottle and Bottle Accessories: Bottle, Straw with Bite Valve, Slotted Lid, Spare Straw Hole Plug Nylon Composite Vee Cage Aluminum Torpedo Mini Mount Mounting Accessories: (4) XTS Mounting Straps

Warranty: Limited 2 Year Warranty


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Torpedo System 50+ is the perfect refillable aerobar hydration system for the beginner triathlete. Unbeatable price + top features outshine any competitive choice.

Easy to Install: Simply loop straps around aerobar extensions and tighten.
Easy to Ride: Stop reaching down to frame bottles for a drink. Keep both hands on the aerobars and simply take a drink from a straw positioned directly under your mouth.
Drink Valve makes drinking even faster by keeping fluid ready near top of straw.
Easily Refill: Safer refilling by having no lid to flip out of the way, just simply put the full bottle into the easy access spilt refill hole.
Easy to Clean: One-piece, easy clean, BPA-Free Medical Grade design.

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